Three New Bronze Sponsors

TDK-Lambda, Interface Inc, and Omega Engineering have become our newest Bronze sponsors with donations of parts for a motor dyno I am working on to test the efficiency of our motor and motor controller. We can use this data to make better strategy decisions during the race and to determine if a newer motor is worth the price. The dyno will also be open to other student projects as it provides a motor testing range which is not present in any other MIT lab.

TDK Lambda provided the team with a Genesys 3.3 kW power supply. They has sponsored us with smaller supplies in the past which fills most of our needs, but running the motor a full tilt needs a bit more juice.

Interface has donated a 20Nm torque transducer for measuring torque directly in the output shaft of the motor. This allows for an accurate measurement without other losses affecting the results.

Information is useless without an accurate way to collect it. This 24 bit USB data acquisition module will monitor 16 analog signals ranging from +_ .078V to +- 20V at a 1kHz aggregate sample rate. It also has 500V isolation for peace of mind when plugging in your expensive (from a student perspective) personal laptop!

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HSMWorks Sponsors Team with Software

HSMWorks has donated their full CAM software for use by MIT vehicle teams in our N51 shop. The description of their software below is from their website

HSMWorks is a fully integrated CAM for SolidWorks, which provides effective generation of high quality 2D, 3D and 3+2 milling toolpaths for high speed machining.

The HSMWorks interface is designed for SolidWorks users and machinists alike. If you know SolidWorks, getting to know HSMWorks will be easy and straight forward.

I first used HSMWorks in another MIT lab and was blown away by its ease of use and speed. It is a huge step up from Mastercam 9 which we previously used and is sure to significantly reduce the number of hours we spend prepping for machining. Another plus to HSMWorks is their incredible service. It was less then 24 hours between asking for the software and having the license keys in my inbox!
THANK YOU to the HSMWorks team.
I’m off to make some G-code sans profanity.
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