Battery update:

Our shippers have failed to ship our battery pack to Darwin, Australia.
The team faces two options:
1. Charter a plane for $15,000 to ship our battery pack to Darwin (which we would maybe receive by the start of the race)
2. Build a new battery pack from nothing
True to the MIT SEVT engineering spirit, we have chosen option #2.
So here is begins: 38 hours before the start of the race the team, already severely sleep deprived, sets out to build a new battery pack for the race.
We would like to thank to following teams for offering to donate bits and pieces of their packs: Stanford, CalSol, Michigan, UNSW, and Aurora.
We have decided to use Michigan’s spare battery pack, which we are now disassembling to produce our own.
Screw textbooks, screw psets, screw exams: this is the true test of engineering. It’s go time:
In the meantime: A shameless sponsorship plug. Think of it as powering us through the next 38 hours of pure brains, adrenaline, and sheer perseverance.
Couple more photos:
The donations begin to arrive.
The debating begins.