It’s now 12:30 pm on Sunday in Sydney.  We’ve been in Sydney for about 30 hours and have spent more than $100 each during that time, mostly on food and public transportation.  The exchange rate is about $1 USD to $1 AUD.

After arriving yesterday morning at 6:45am and taking the train to a friend’s downtown apartment, we went for a walk to the Sydney Royal Gardens.  There we had a great view of downtown Sydney, as well as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  We also saw some unusual birds.

We haven’t been able to pick up the trailer yet, so we don’t know what state Eleanor is in after her voyage from Boston.  Due to a customs mix-up, we might not get to see her until Tuesday and will likely be in Sydney until at least Wednesday.  Then we’ll be heading north to Darwin and should arrive there on Sunday.  The rest of the team will fly in on Monday.


(photos: Chris Pentacoff)