I really like seeing Ford cars drive down the street–I see the Ford Focus a lot and whenever I see a truck, I check to see if it’s a F150 or a truck with some more power. MIT’s Solar Car Team just renewed monetary sponsorship with Ford, and I’m really excited for this support. We are in the midst of designing a new car for competition in the 2017 World Solar Challenge, and we are already starting to purchase new materials for this vehicle. We have a lot of work to do in chassis design, motor characterization and aero optimization, so our daily shop ours are busy and loud. I’d like to use this blog post to send a sincere thanks to Ford–without their support, our team would not be operational. With their generous sponsorship, our team can work towards a day when solar cars are as ubiquitous as the Ford cars I see driving around this Cambridge roads on my way to shop.

-Priya Kikani, Captain


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