We are clear to start! We even have a sticker that says so. We have passed static scrutineering, and the team has been able to sigh a collective sigh of relief.

During static scrutineering the event officials verified that Arcturus met the regulations and is safe to drive. We had scrutineering on Wednesday. So most of Tuesday we were double checking our car and making sure we hadn’t forgotten about one of the minor regulations. Wednesday the team woke up nice and early at 0515 in order to pick up Arcturus from the track and get to show grounds, where the scrutineering was happening, before our scheduled time. Scrutineering went very well overall. We had designed our car safely and with the regulations in mind, and it was showing. At the end of scrutineering there were only two issues we had to fix. The first was a problem with our driver seat cushioning. Our cushioning was just barely too thick to allow the driver to have the required head space. The other problem was that to open our canopy from the outside required a screw driver,which might not be available in an emergency.

After returning to the track we began working on the problems. We quickly made a new driver cushion that was smaller but still gave the drivers enough padding. We also fixed the canopy opening problem by putting wing nuts on the opening mechanism so the canopy could be opened from the outside by hand. With all the problems solved it was time to go back and get re-inspected. We were scheduled for re-inspection at 0800 on Thursday. We arrived before 0730, got inspected, got our awesome new sticker, and left for the track before 0745. It was great to be done with this major milestone and to do so so quickly. Now all that is left is to complete dynamic scrutineering on Saturday, where the car’s brakes and steering will be tested. Just three more days until the The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge starts. The team is ready and excited for the upcoming voyage across the outback.

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