Test driving has been going well so far! It’s exciting to see Chopper del Sol running again and performing well. We’ve discovered plenty of useful details along the way that need some tweaking. Since the weather has been reaching the high 90’s, all four of our drivers are also getting plenty of practice. Thus far, we have used the MIT track at Steinbrenner stadium to practice the driving technique for the FSPG event. We also have conducted miniature tests for scrutineering at a nearby parking lot such as the figure-8 test and slalom course. Check out our experiences below:

Testing the acceleration at Steinbrenner stadium!
Dillon chats with Tom during test driving at the parking lot.
Tom checks the brakes before Dillon starts the car.
Kelly bikes around the solar car.

Lunch break!
Our new sandwich club!

Practicing for the slalom test.

The Figure-8 Test requires that any driver be able to complete a figure-8 around two 6m radius circles in less than 18 seconds.

 The Slalom Test requires that any driver must be able to weave in and out of a 126m course with cones every 18m in less than 11.5 seconds.

Countdown: 10 days!