A few pictures to go with Alex’s update from last night…..

We camped in Camooweal Caves National Park on Friday night.  We had it a lot rougher than the night before, no electricity and no internet.  We could see a ton of stars though.  Here’s a long exposure picture of the trailer by night.  It’s hard to make out the stickers on the trailer because we have not yet put on the new stickers kindly printed for us by 3M.  Late crew is bringing the new stickers with them and we’ll be putting them on before the end of the week.

In the morning, we visited two of the Camooweal Caves, the Little Nowranie and the Great Nowranie before taking off for Katharine.  You can get an idea of the size of the Great Nowranie from this picture.  Annette and Alex are standing on the far side of the cave.

While camping in Katharine on Saturday night we saw many smaller kangaroos.  We thought this one was a baby until we noticed that it had a joey in its pouch.  The pouch is positioned such that the joey can reach the ground and pick up food when the mother kangaroo is picking up food.  The University of Michigan Solar Car Team was also camping in Katharine. 

We got up early in order to see the Katharine gorges before sending our lead car ahead of the trailer to Darwin.  Chris pieced together this panorama taken from the edge of the gorge.

We sent the lead car ahead so we could figure out the details of renting our chase vehicle.  After visiting 3 different rental companies, we ended up with a 12 passenger van that should have no trouble holding the people and gear needed to support Eleanor. 

Last night, Alex hung out with the Cambridge University Eco Racing Team. We’re looking forward to meeting all the teams and checking out Eleanor’s competition.


(photos: Chris Pentacoff)