So if you’ve been looking closely at some of the pictures we’ve posted, you may have noticed something unusual…
…our red tires!
It’s about time we disclose our secret as rumours have been buzzing around WSC about these.
Adam is interviewed by Japanese TV.
These are custom-made solid polyurethane tires mounted on specially-machined anodized aluminium wheels. Dimensions are: 1 3/8” x 20 3/4”. We have been working all summer with our wonderful and enthusiastic sponsors HSMWorks, Spracher Engineering, and TWT Group to develop these new solar car tires . Special thanks to Anthony Graves, Aidan Bradley, and Bill Spracher for all their hard work with making these possible.
They have a low rolling resistance and thus help make our car highly efficient. We’ve been test driving them around and so far the numbers are looking good. This morning they passed dynamic scrutineering and we ran our time trial on these.
After the race we plan to continue working with Spracher and TWT Group to further develop these with the hopes of producing a new solar car tire for the open market. Look to see more of these in future races!
[Post-Race Edit]:  As you can read in later blog posts we ended up not running the full race on these tires. We swapped them out Day 1 for moped tires. There were a couple issues with these tires causing them to fail. We will continue testing and developing these over the next couple months to resolve the issue. Stay tuned.