In early June, MIT SEVT was out testing in the Midwest – we like the flat long stretches much better than driving around in Boston. However, after three days of successful testing, Chopper del Sol suffered a fairly significant accident in Iowa. Fortunately, our driver walked away unharmed, but there was damage to the lower body and steering that require them to be rebuilt.

The cause was attributed to an issue with the unique steering configuration on Chopper. In response, SEVT is redesigning a significant portion of the steering system, incorporating a time-tested design, but keeping in spirit with the original idea. Look for us at competition this October for more details.
In the meantime, we have been busy in the shop – a new lower body layup was completed successfully, and the chassis is on its way toward incorporating the redesign. Thanks for your continued support – we’ll keep you updated as we move toward competition.
Below is a picture of our bottom body layup, when it was just pulled out of the mold.