We kept on charging down the Stuart Highway today, trying to get past the next control point and more. Our newly constructed battery pack (thanks UMich!!!) has a smaller capacity due to a lack of battery protection system circuitry, so we depleted most of it yesterday. Our goal was to end with more “in the tank”.

In fact, at certain times we were charging the car while driving! Granted, we kept our pace conservative to not deplete the battery pack further. By the end of the day, we ended with a battery pack more full than when we started.

But Nature was not on our side today. We had large hazy clouds and some smoke floating over us all day. Our scout team (several kilometers ahead) kept reporting that they fared no better, and indeed we had cloud cover in some form for the entire day. With lack of sun, we ended the day around kilometer marker 766, not exactly what we wanted, but the environmental conditions required it. That gives us a tough challenge tomorrow, but we’re looking forward to it.