Sorry for the late blog post! Things have been getting pretty hectic around the shop in preparation for our first test drive. However, almost all the electrical and mechanical components are ready to go! We predict to take our first test drive later today or tomorrow.

One of our recently assembled electrical components is our shiny new steering wheel. Kai Cao, an MIT graduate student, designed and built it for electrical organization and driver compatibility. It now includes all the basic driver commands such as turning signals, emergency lights, speedometer, etc. Check it out below:

So shiny! And the handles have comfortable grips. 
All of the inside electrical components of the wheel.
A closer look at the main hardware. 

Chopper del Sol is almost complete thanks to these guys:

The electrical team works on the printed circuit boards.
George and Dillon are machining kevlar composites for body attachment pieces.

Dillon prepares to CNC machine canopy attachment pieces.
Kai analyzes some code on his laptop.

We also were shown on the ABC Chronicle tv show last Thursday night! The episode featured how people used alternative energy fuels and methods to efficiently power vehicles. Check out the video on their website here:

20 days left until ASC! LEZZ GOOOO