Unveiling of Flux


We took a short break from testing and making finishing touches on Flux, and had an official unveiling of Flux to the public!

On April 26th, MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team alumni, the current team, and members of the public gathered to see our newest vehicle. It was a fun afternoon with good representation, and we were able to show and talk about the features of our new vehicle. We even showed it driving to the venue and back with our new electrical system!

We would like to thank everyone who came out to see the team, our sponsors, without whom we wouldn’t have a car and we would like to especially Chris Mayer, Patrick Mcatamney, Camilla Brinkman, Peggy Eysenbach, Professor Kim Vandiver, and Sandra Lipsnoski, without whom this event would not have been possible.

In the coming months we will be hard at work testing and preparing for the upcoming 2018 American Solar Challenge, so look out for our car on a street near you!



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Cake off


After working hard on solar car projects during our IAP (Independent Activities Period) in January, we ended the month with our annual Battle of the Cakes. We divided our team into freshmen/new members and upperclassmen, and each group was tasked with producing a car-themed cake. Dough not be misled, the competition was stiff. After a gruelling afternoon of  careful baking, and decorating, we were ready to display our final products. There was even a surprise last-minute competition entry as the upperclassmen split off into another group. We had no panel of unbiased judges so we attempted to judged the cakes ourselves: based on taste and appearance.

Unsurprisingly, there was no consensus on the winning design. We knead your opinion to make the final call!

28125486_1829292350708785_161221748_o 28169288_1829292364042117_443652135_o


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Altium Appreciation


The new semester has begun, and we have a wave of new members, who along with the current team, are already hard at work- designing and building parts for Flux.

MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team likes to custom design and build as much of the car as we can. This would not be possible without the help of one of our Platinum sponsors, Altium.  Last Monday, our one-year license was renewed. This allows 10 of our members to have access to the software. Thus, we can teach new members how to create schematics and layouts for our boards and get our electrical system optimized and customized. Altium also provides the very useful function of providing an automatic bill of materials, which makes the actual manufacturing process a lot easier.

Our team is very thankful for Altium’s continued support, and helping us make Flux run! (…I mean drive)


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A statement from the team captain:

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the radio silence following our last post in November; as you can imagine, we’ve been fairly busy building our car and undergoing some significant team changes.

I would like to announce some recent decisions that the team has come to in light of our assessment of the feasibility of participating in 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge this year. After multiple meetings that spanned several hours, the team has reached the decision that we will not be attending BWSC 2017 this October. This was not an easy decision for obvious reasons, but in the end we decided that there was simply not enough time to properly test and prepare ourselves for the race, and so the conclusion we came to was with the intention that we could have the opportunity to safely optimize what we currently have.

We would like to thank everyone – from all of our sponsors to specific individuals – for all of their help thus far; we are truly thankful for their continuous support. Though it’s a sad decision short term, and certainly not an easy one to make, I believe we’ve made a good decision for the long run that will allow us to properly prepare and ensure resources are well-spent. We look forward to taking on future races with an improved car and team.


Veronica LaBelle

MIT SEVT, Captain

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