After leaving Barcaldine, we drove a long time, and then stopped for the night in Camooweal National Park, which is famous for having a bunch of caves.  The camping spots were 12km off the main highway, on a dirt road, which was a bit of an adventure.

In the morning, we briefly checked out the caves, and then drove for a long time.  We stopped for the night in Katherine.  Specifically, we camped in Nitimiluk National Park, which is famous for gorges.  In the morning, we woke up, briefly checked out the gorges, and then took off on the final stretch for Darwin.  Our two vehicle caravan split up, the van sped ahead to work out some car rental issues, and the trailer chugged its way to the track.

The early crew is enjoying a night of peace and relaxation, after 4000km of driving, before late crew arrives tomorrow afternoon.  It should be considered an accomplishment that no kangaroos were killed during this 4000km drive, no flat tires, no break downs.  I am very thankful, and glad to be back in Darwin.  Pulling into the pits brought back a lot of memories.  After four long years, we are finally poised to bring MIT back into the solar car racing community.