This summer was a really exciting time for MIT’s Solar Electric Vehicle Team. After coming back from the road trip, we got to work on constructing the latest vehicle for the 2017 World Solar Challenge. The release of the regulations gave us fun design challenges to think about.

We had several people working full time on solar car over the summer. They acted as owners of specific projects from designing the steering system to the turning fairings. Many of these students working full time were freshman, so they had the opportunity to conduct independent research and become experts in specific fields. Shop started at 11 AM and sometimes went late into the night, but thankfully there was breaks for Mexican food and other fun activities!

Now that the semester is underway, there are classes as well as solar car activities, so we are not in shop everyday! Currently, we have many new members and they are doing exciting new projects!

The future looks bright!

Posted on behalf of Priya Kikani